"Not many brands have stepped out with such an audacious design as their first release."

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Monochrome Watches

"The A1 is an accomplished study in watch design."

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Fratello Watches

"After analysing both the case and the dial in some detail, when taking a step back to consider the whole watch, I’m left appreciating just how effectively Anoma has included its influences."

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Worn & Wound

"Every tiny detail has been carefully considered, and the result is a genuinely unique design that somehow feels indebted to classic Cartier, 1970s funk, the Art Deco era, and something vaguely futuristic all at the same time."

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Worn & Wound (YouTube)

"The A1 focuses on subtlety and smooth forms."

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Time & Tide Watches

"Considering his maverick taste when it came to collecting (he was the man who introduced me to Pierre Cardin watches), this left-field approach to design comes as no surprise to me."

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"Aesthetically, the watch exudes an allure of magnetism with its intriguing dial."

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Boss Hunting

"For enthusiasts of good design, this is the stuff horological dreams are made of."

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Les Rhabilleurs

"Si la forme triangulaire aux coins arrondis nous plait beaucoup, c’est aussi et surtout la sensation de petit objet précieux, appelez-le galet si ça vous plait, qui fonctionne bien."

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