Who we are

Why does watchmaking so often play by the same rules? We believe that watch design can be much more experimental, daring and creative.

We create sculptural watches which break the conventional mould — hence our name, Anoma, which is short for anomaly.

We’re inspired by bold designers from within and outside the world of watches, from the modernist sculptures of Constantin Brâncusi to the daring watch designs of Gilbert Albert.

They remind us that design should push boundaries and act as a vehicle to express our own individuality.

Despite our unconventional approach, we are anchored in a respect and love for watchmaking tradition. We meticulously consider every curve, every line, every detail.

Our Founder

Matteo Violet Vianello

Matteo first fell in love with watches as a child, when he started disassembling vintage watches he found in a drawer.

He later worked at Sotheby’s and was one of the first employees at A Collected Man, a leading platform for rare watches.

During his 4 years at A Collected Man, he studied and sourced rare watches, worked closely with independent watchmakers and helped shape the platform’s editorial content. This deepened his love for singular visions of watchmaking and appreciation for details.

He is an Academy Member of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).